Ian Ring


Canadian composer of works for solo piano.

Opus Arcana

The Opus Arcana project has begun! I am working away at composing 22 pieces of music for solo piano, inspired by the Major Arcana. As each piece is published, it will be added to the table below.

This project is due to be completed in late 2017, and will be released as a commercial recording and an album of scores.

0 - Fool
solo piano (3:36)
I - Magician
solo piano (2:15)
II - High Priestess
solo piano (5:07)
III - Empress
IV - Emperor
solo piano (3:04)
V - Hierophant
solo piano (2:35)
VI - Lovers
solo piano (4:30)
VII - Chariot
VIII - Strength
solo piano (2:42)
IX - Hermit
solo piano (3:13)
X - Wheel Of Fortune
solo piano (3:42)
XI - Justice
XII - Hanged Man
solo piano (2:51)
XIII - Death
solo piano (3:36)
XIV - Temperance
solo piano (3:27)
XV - Devil
XVI - Tower
solo piano (2:48)
XVII - Star
solo piano (4:04)
XVIII - Moon
solo piano (3:43)
XIX - Sun
XX - Judgement
solo piano (4:36)
XXI - World

Summary Of The First Half

A compilation of solo piano music from 1998 to 2015. Released August 2016.

"Emotionally affecting and profound" Amazon reviewer, G S Brooke
"A surprising tenderness makes the entire album a delight to listen to." Donna Litt, author
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Best Value

Purchase the entire album of scores, with extensive preface and a personal stories about each track of the album.

PDF download ($13.99 CAD)
Elusory Moment
solo piano (2:38)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
Long Path To Hopeful Horizons
solo piano (2:32)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
Montgomery Dusk
solo piano (2:22)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
Still Pool In Sacred Woods
solo piano (3:44)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
The Healing Begins
solo piano (3:23)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
Discarding Nostalgia
solo piano (1:45)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
Requiem For Jackie
solo piano (3:28)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)
solo piano (2:24)
PDF download ($1.99 CAD)

Other Works

Gnossienne Minuscule no.1
solo piano (1:22)
PDF download ()
Old Rain (Fool)
solo piano (2:21)
Bridgeport Rag
solo piano (1:57)
Invention For The Left Hand
solo piano (3:58)

Other Projects

A Study Of Scales

A deep look at scales, using computer processing to analyze every possible combination of tones. Topics include: symmetry, truncations, chirality, imperfection, interval spectra, proximity and modes.

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Star Notation

A new notation standard for notes and rests encompassing 5 rhythmic subdivisions.

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If you are capable and willing, please contribute to these Open Source projects to create plugins for:

Grawlix Music Fonts

Music notation fonts, available for sale.

I've got Rhythm

True Type Font for typesetting rhythm exercises. Perfectly spaced characters for whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes, in common groupings and tuplets. Originally designed for printing clapping exercises for music instruction. Create professional rhythm notation in the comfort of your word processor.

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Times Music Theory

True Type Font, created for writing chord symbols. Contains all the glyphs for writing chord symbols for most chords used in Western music. Professionally designed by a music typesetter. Face resembles Times New Roman.

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Open-source library for music analysis, generation, manipulation, and more -- using PHP.

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