Gnossienne Minuscule no.1

A short morsel in the style of Eric Satie. This piece happened accidentally as a false start to Lovers, when I thought I might represent that card in a French Impressionist style. This was one of dozens of themes I came up with for Lovers, but eventually I scrapped that strategy because the results were far too derivative and weren't evoking the right sentiment.

Of all my Satie-like attempts, I liked this one most of all. It has the rhythmic elements of a Gnossienne and the same kind of stepping-over-the-lines melody, which (to me) has a feeling of Janacek's "Holy Virgin of Frydek", another piece I was looking to as inspiration for Lovers. So I finished off the composition and released it as a Gnossienne, an unabashed pastiche and homage to one of my favourite piano composers.