Old Rain (Fool)

This piece was composed in 1993, when I was a student at the University of Waterloo, doing an undergrad degree in Fine Art and Music. It was originally titled "Old Rain". Shortly after recording it, I gave the recording to Jackie Latendresse of the Free Flow Dance Company, and she created a choreography titled "Fool" which was performed many times. Consequently, for most of its existence, this music has been known by that name.

I lost my copy of this and many other works, among many moves and basement floods and general sloppiness with archiving my work over the 90's and 00's. "Old Rain" only exists today because Jackie Latendresse still had her original cassette copy, which she graciously digitized for me.

The recording was produced in two tracks, performed on a Kawai digital onto a 4-track cassette recorder. The first track is the minimalism-inspired chordal tremolo that shifts from mode to mode, and the second track is the gentle anti-melody in the upper register. On average, this piece is easy to perform... except for the moment when the tremolo turns into a fast=moving chordal arpeggio at the 1:00 mark - that section is fiendishly difficult and takes quite a lot of practice (or luck) to land it.

The piece wasn't well-engineered to start with, and time is not kind to magnetic recordings. The recording that has been released is a gently remixed version that sacrifices some of the high frequencies in order to attentuate the tape hiss.