Justice foretells legal matters with a favourable outcome, and honesty in a situation where deceit reigns. The card symbolizes respect for justice, impartial equality, acting on ethical principles.

This card insists that you accept the results of situations you caused. You need to make connections between events, and understand that "what goes around, comes around". More concretely, this card focuses on cause and effect, and the importance of trying to do what is right.

The mood of this piece is calm, serious, pensive. The main theme, restated repeatedly with little variation, calmly assures us that there is such a thing as a truth against which we can lean our morality, and it is our duty to strive for fairness. It's a melody that doesn't make emotional judgements, it's neither reactive nor dramatic, nor even particularly pleasing. The pattern of strong-weak pairs of chords might obliquely remind the listened of Strength, another card which demands fortitude of character. The dissonant ringing near the end reminds us that though Justice insists on being fair, it makes no promises of being pleasant - and indeed sometimes what is just is also deeply disappointing.