The Exciting Universe Of Music Theory

About The Exciting Universe

This site is a labour of love, created by a shameless music theory geek, musician and composer. If you want to hear stuff I have recorded, search for my name on Spotify or Bandcamp, or just go to the home page and follow them hyperlinks on the information superhighway.


The stuff on this website is all copyrighted. So don't steal it, yo? I don't mean that the information is proprietary or that I made up everything to do with music theory that you'll read here. That's silly - it's all based on stuff I've read, researched, learned from elsewhere from resources spanning the last few hundred years of people thinking about sounds. I have credited those ideas where it seemed necessary (and if I missed any citations, please point them out). Very little of this is actually original thoughts that originated in my brain. What is copyrighted is my presentation of those ideas: the images, the words, the diagrams, and the wordmarks "Exciting Universe" and so on.

To be quite explicit, You are NOT allowed to scrape any the content off this site and publish it for your own greedy nefarious purposes. It's not like I'm going to hunt you down mercilessly if you do, but that's just a shitty way to be, right? I have spent over 10 years creating this stuff (so far), including many years of finding and collecting scale names, and it would be a total dick move to steal it and republish it as though it is your own work.

You're probably thinking, no way! No one would do that, it's inconceivable. Who would be that crass? But nope, it's already been done. By jerks.

Some of the scale names and other materials here are copyright-owned by other people, and are used here with permission. So if you wholesale scrape and steal them along with everything else, you're actually breaking the law. Beware!

If you are a music educator and want to use any of this material in your classroom, be my guest! Print it out and make copies ad infinitum. Just please leave the authorship info intact and cite the URL, so that your students know where the materials came from, and can seek more if they're so inclined.

If you're a music researcher / teacher and you want to use my diagrams or materials incorporated into your own stuff, I'm totally open to sharing. Just ask first! That's all.