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Scale Name Tradition: Chord Names

Names that are usually descriptive of chords, not of scales. Usually given to scales that are particularly sparse, so they seem like tertiary chords in a diatonic scale, and not a scale unto themselves.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

13Minor Trichord
69Chord sus2
73Diminished Triad
73Chord dim
81Chord -5 (5)
129Chord 5th (power)
133Suspended Second Triad
137Minor Triad
137Chord Minor
145Major Triad
145Chord Major
149Chord 2
161Suspended Fourth Triad
161Chord sus4
273Chord aug (+5)
273Augmented Triad
553Major 7 Chord
581Major 7 Chord 2
585Chord dim7
585Diminished Seventh
649Chord m6
657Chord M6
1097Chord m7-5
1105Chord 7-5
1161Chord m7
1161Minor Seventh
1169Dominant Seventh
1169Chord 7th
1185Chord 7sus4
1297Chord 7+5
1681Chord 7/6
2177Major Seventh Omit 3
2185Chord mM7
2193Major Seventh
2193Chord M7
2321Chord M7+5
2497Sus 4 ∆ Add 13 Mode I