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Scale Name Tradition: Western

If it's in this list, then you might have learned this scale name if you were studying theory with Liszt or Mozart, or it's a modern name derived from older western names like Mixolydian or Phrygian.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

65Diminished Fifth
65Augmented Fourth
333Locrian Diminished
333Altered Diminished
333Superlocrian Diminished
347Locrian Diminished
355African Pentatonic 4
395African Pentatonic 1
619Double Phrygian Hexatonic
619Double Phrygian
661Major Pentatonic
661Pentatonic Major
661Major Pentatonic Type 1
677Major Pentatonic Type 2
731Hungarian Major 2nd Mode
855Neapolitan Minor 2
871Hungarian Romani Minor 4th Mode
923Hungarian Romani Minor 7th Mode
947Heptatonic Romani
1129Locrian Pentatonic
1189Minor Pentatonic Type 2
1193Minor Pentatonic Type 1
1313Genus Primum Inverse
1321Minor Pentatonic Type 3
1357Takemitsu Linea II
1357Takemitsu Linea 2
1365Whole Tone
1387Thang Klang
1395Locrian Dominant
1403Espla 8 Tone Spanish
1403Spanish Octamode 2nd Rotation
1451Modern Phrygian
1453Natural Minor Diatonic
1453Diatonic Minor
1453Natural Minor
1453Pure Minor
1453Melodic Minor Descending
1455Quartal Octamode Basic
1459Dorian Flamenco
1459Phrygian Major
1461Heptatonia Secunda
1461Aeolian Dominant
1515Quartal Octamode 4th Rotation
1517Spanish Octamode 4th Rotation
1627Hungarian Major 4th Mode
1627Alternating Heptamode 2nd Rotation
1651Minor Romani Inversed
1651Hungarian Romani Minor 2nd Mode
1653Dominant 5
1709Thang Kruat
1709Modern Dorian
1711Spanish Octamode Basic
1717Mixolydian Diatonic
1717Modern Mixolydian
1725Quartal Octamode 1st Rotation
1739Hungarian Major 6th Mode
1739Alternating Heptamode 4th Rotation
1753Alternating Heptamode 6th Rotation
1755Altering Octatonic Mode Basic
1783Diminishing Nonamode 3rd Rotation
1845Augmented Dominant
1903Diminishing Nonamode Basic
1965Quartal Octamode 6th Rotation
1973Spanish Octamode 6th Rotation
1979Diminishing Nonamode 6th Rotation
2245African Pentatonic 2
2381Takemitsu Linea I
2381Takemitsu Linea 1
2413Hungarian Major 3rd Mode
2413Alternating Heptamode 1st Rotation
2475Double Harmonic
2475Neapolitan Minor v1
2475Neapolitan Minor
2475Minor Neapolitan
2477Harmonic Minor
2479Harmonic Neapolitan Minor
2483Double Harmonic
2485Harmonic Major
2489Drómos Segáh
2509Hungarian Romani Minor
2517Lydian Harmonic Major
2731Heptatonia Tertia
2731Phrygian Major
2733Melodic Minor Ascending
2733Melodic Minor
2733Heptatonia Seconda
2733Heptatonia Secunda
2741Major Diatonic
2741Diatonic Major
2741Modern Ionian
2741Heptatonia Prima
2749Spanish Octamode 1st Rotation
2773Modern Lydian
2775Quartal Octamode 10th Rotation
2795Van der Horst
2805Quartal Octamode 3rd Rotation
2861Melodic Augmented
2861Hungarian Major 5th Mode
2861Alternating Heptamode 3rd Rotation
2867Major Romani
2869Ionian Augmented
2873Hungarian Romani Minor 3rd Mode
2903Spanish Octamode 10th Rotation
2917Alternating Heptamode 5th Rotation
2917Hungarian Major 7th Mode
2925Altering Octatonic Mode Rotation
2939Diminishing Nonamode 2nd Rotation
2999Diminishing Nonamode 10th Rotation
3037Diminishing Nonamode 5th Rotation
3275Enigmatic Minor
3289Hungarian Romani Minor 6th Mode
3379Verdi's Enigmatic Descending
3411Enigmatic Ascending
3413Leading Whole Tone
3435Quartal Octamode 9th Rotation
3499Spanish Octamode 9th Rotation
3517Diminishing Nonamode 1st Rotation
3547Diminishing Nonamode 9th Rotation
3765Quartal Octamode 8th Rotation
3765Major Mixolydian
3797Spanish Octamode 8th Rotation
3821Diminishing Nonamode 8th Rotation