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Scale Name Tradition: Exoticisms

These are scale names that were coined by western theorists, using names of foreign and exotic places. In some cases the names have a real connection to a place or culture they describe, but too often these names are unrelated to any actual musical traditions. Some are arguably racist. Many of these modes have authentic names, for example the exoticism named "Jewish" scale (1711) is called "Adonai Malakh" in the Jewish musical tradition.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

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5Vietnamese Ditonic
41Vietnamese Tritonic
59Spanish Pentacluster
79Blues Pentacluster
103Oriental Pentacluster
137Peruvian Tritonic 2
145Peruvian Tritonic 1
149Eskimo Tetratonic
161Warao Tritonic
169Vietnamese Tetratonic
307Syrian Pentatonic
395South-East Asian
397Japanese Mode
419Japanese (a)
419Japanese (A)
421Japanese (b)
421Japanese (B)
661Peruvian Pentatonic 1
677Scottish Pentatonic
693Scottish Hexatonic
725Ancient Chinese
877Hungarian Minor
877Hungarian Major Inverse
947Romani Hexatonic
947Gipsy Hexatonic
947Gypsy Heptatonic
947Gypsy Hexatonic
1025Warao Ditonic
1037Warao Tetratonic
1193Peruvian Pentatonic 2
1193Peruvian Minor Pentatonic
1197Eskimo Hexatonic 1
1395Asian (a)
1395Oriental 3
1395Oriental (a)
1397Arabian (b)
1403Jewish Scale I
1403Spanish Octatonic
1403Eight-tone Spanish
1453Peruvian Minor
1459Jewish Scale II
1459Spanish Gypsy
1459Spanish Gipsy
1459Jewish II
1459Spanish Romani
1459Dorico Flamenco
1459Altered Hungarian
1461Hindu Scale
1461Arabic Minor
1461Oriental Minor
1467Spanish Phrygian
1485Minor Gipsy
1485Hungarian Gypsy
1485Minor Romani
1485Romani Scale
1643Pseudo Turkish
1651Asian (b)
1651Hungarian Minor Inverse
1651Minor Romani Inverse
1651Oriental 1
1651Minor Gypsy Inverse
1651Minor Gipsy Inverse
1651Oriental (b)
1653Minor Gypsy Inverse
1653Minor Gipsy Inverse
1653Minor Romani Inverse
1709Eskimo Heptatonic
1711Spanish Octamode
1741Ukranian Dorian
1741Romanian Scale
1741Rumanian Minor
1741Ukrainian Minor
1747Romanian Major
1753Hungarian Major
1891Gypsy 2
2389Eskimo Hexatonic 2
2475Hungarian Gipsy
2475Hungarian Romani
2483Major Gipsy
2483Hungarian Romani Major
2483Gypsy II
2483Major Gypsy
2483Major Romani
2483Hungarian Romani Persian
2483Hungarian Gypsy Persian
2489Gipsy Hexatonic Inverse
2489Gypsy Heptatonic inverse
2489Gypsy Hexatonic Inverse
2489Gypsy Heptatonic Inverse
2489Romani Hexatonic Inverse
2509Gypsy Minor
2509Gypsy I
2509Minor Gipsy
2509Hungarian Minor
2509Egyptian Heptatonic
2509Flamenco Mode
2675Persian 6
2739Hungarian Gipsy Inverse
2739Gypsy Inverse
2739Hungarian Romani Inverse
2805Kubilai's Mongol Scale
2805Kubilai's Mongol
2841African Pentatonic 3
2925Arabian A
3515Moorish Phrygian
3699Oriental 2
3765Chinese Eight-Tone
3765Eight-note Chinese
3765Eight-Note Chinese
3765Chinese Eight-tone