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Scale Name Tradition: Western Chromatic

Scales adapted from Western names (Lydian, Locrian, etc) with alterations that make them "Chromatic".

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

3Duotonic Chromatic
7Tritonic Chromatic
7Chromatic TriMirror
7Chromatic Trichord
15Tetratonic Chromatic
15Chromatic TetraMirror
31Pentatonic Chromatic
31Chromatic PentaMirror
63Hexatonic Chromatic
63Chromatic HexaMirror
127Heptatonic Chromatic
127Chromatic HeptaMirror
127Chromatic Heptamode Basic
255Chromatic OctaMirror
255Chromatic Octamode
255Octatonic Chromatic
255Chromatic Octamode Basic
455Tritone Chromatic I
511Chromatic Nonamode Basic
511Chromatic NonaMirror
511Chromatic Nonamode
511Nonatonic Chromatic
743Chromatic Hypophrygian Inverse
743Chromatic Hypolydian Inverse
919Chromatic Phrygian Inverse
925Chromatic Hypodorian
935Chromatic Dorian
975Double Chromatic II
1023Chromatic DecaMirror
1023Chromatic Decamode
1023Decatonic Chromatic
1023Chromatic Decamode Basic
1088Chromatic (melodic) Ascending
1239Chromatic Mixelydian 2
1239Mixolydian Chromatic 2
1255Chromatic Mxolydian
1255Mixolydian Chromatic 1
1255Chromatic Mixolydian
1849Chromatic Hypodorian Inverse
1911Triple Chromatic I
1967Chromatic And Diatonic Dorian Mixed
1967Chromatic Dorian Mixed
1967Chromatic Diatonic Dorian
1967Chromatic/Diatonic Dorian Mixed
1967Mixed Chromatic Dorian
2047Chromatic UndecaMirror
2047Chromatic Undecamode
2047Undecatonic Chromatic
2048Chromatic (harmonic) Ascending
2049Duotonic Chromatic Descending
2051Tritonic Chromatic 2
2055Tetratonic Chromatic 2
2063Pentatonic Chromatic 2
2079Hexatonic Chromatic 4
2111Chromatic Heptamode 6th Rotation
2111Heptatonic Chromatic 2
2175Octatonic Chromatic 2
2175Chromatic Octamode 7th Rotation
2275Tritone Chromatic II
2303Chromatic Nonamode 8th Rotation
2303Nonatonic Chromatic 2
2419Chromatic Hypolydian Inverse
2483Byzantine Liturgical Chromatic
2483Chromatic 2nd Byzantine Liturgical
2507Chromatic Lydian Inverse
2515Chromatic Hypolydian
2535Double Chromatic III
2559Decatonic Chromatic 2
2559Chromatic Decamode 9th Rotation
2675Lydian Chromatic
2675Chromatic Lydian
2999Chromatic And Permuted Diatonic Dorian Mixed
2999Chromatic Permutated Diatonic Dorian
2999Chromatic/Permuted Diatonic Dorian Mixed
2999Chromatic and Permuted Diatonic Dorian Mixed
3003Genus Chromaticum
3003Triple Chromatic II
3071Chromatic Undecamode 10th Rotation
3071Chromatic Undecamode 2
3071Undecatonic Chromatic 2
3073Tritonic Chromatic Descending
3075Tetratonic Chromatic 3
3079Pentatonic Chromatic 3
3087Hexatonic Chromatic 3
3103Chromatic Heptamode 5th Rotation
3103Heptatonic Chromatic 3
3135Octatonic Chromatic 3
3135Chromatic Octamode 6th Rotation
3185Tritone Chromatic III
3199Chromatic Nonamode 7th Rotation
3199Nonatonic Chromatic 3
3257Chromatic Dorian Inverse
3301Chromatic Mixolydian Inverse
3301Mixolydian Chromatic Inverse
3301Mixolydian Chrom. Inv.
3305Chromatic Hypophrygian
3315Double Chromatic IV
3327Chromatic Decamode 8th Rotation
3327Decatonic Chromatic 3
3385Chromatic Phrygian
3385Phrygian Chromatic
3445Whole Tone Chromatic
3549Triple Chromatic III
3583Chromatic Undecamode 9th Rotation
3583Chromatic Undecamode 3
3583Undecatonic Chromatic 3
3585Tetratonic Chromatic Descending
3587Pentatonic Chromatic 4
3599Chromatic Heptamode 4th Rotation
3599Heptatonic Chromatic 4
3615Octatonic Chromatic 4
3615Chromatic Octamode 5th Rotation
3647Chromatic Nonamode 6th Rotation
3647Nonatonic Chromatic 4
3705Double Chromatic I
3705Double Chromatic V
3711Decatonic Chromatic 4
3711Chromatic Decamode 7th Rotation
3767Bebop Chromatic
3767Chromatic Bebop
3839Chromatic Undecamode 8th Rotation
3839Chromatic Undecamode 4
3839Undecatonic Chromatic 4
3841Pentatonic Chromatic Descending
3843Hexatonic Chromatic 5
3847Chromatic Heptamode 3rd Rotation
3847Heptatonic Chromatic 5
3855Octatonic Chromatic 5
3855Chromatic Octamode 4th Rotation
3871Chromatic Nonamode 5th Rotation
3871Nonatonic Chromatic 5
3903Chromatic Decamode 6th Rotation
3903Decatonic Chromatic 5
3967Chromatic Undecamode 7th Rotation
3967Chromatic Undecamode 5
3967Undecatonic Chromatic 5
3969Hexatonic Chromatic Descending
3971Chromatic Heptamode 2nd Rotation
3971Heptatonic Chromatic 6
3975Octatonic Chromatic 6
3975Chromatic Octamode 3rd Rotation
3983Chromatic Nonamode 4th Rotation
3983Nonatonic Chromatic 6
3999Chromatic Decamode 5th Rotation
3999Decatonic Chromatic 6
4031Chromatic Undecamode 6th Rotation
4031Chromatic Undecamode 6
4031Undecatonic Chromatic 6
4033Heptatonic Chromatic Descending
4033Chromatic Heptamode 1stRotation
4035Octatonic Chromatic 7
4035Chromatic Octamode 2nd Rotation
4039Chromatic Nonamode 3rd Rotation
4039Nonatonic Chromatic 7
4047Chromatic Decamode 4th Rotation
4047Decatonic Chromatic 7
4063Chromatic Undecamode Basic
4063Chromatic Undecamode 5th Rotation
4063Chromatic Undecamode 7
4063Undecatonic Chromatic 7
4065Chromatic Octamode 1st Rotation
4065Octatonic Chromatic Descending
4067Chromatic Nonamode 2nd Rotation
4067Nonatonic Chromatic 8
4071Chromatic Decamode 3rd Rotation
4071Decatonic Chromatic 8
4079Chromatic Undecamode 4th Rotation
4079Chromatic Undecamode 8
4079Undecatonic Chromatic 8
4081Chromatic Nonamode Ist Rotation
4081Nonatonic Chromatic Descending
4083Chromatic Decamode 2nd Rotation
4083Decatonic Chromatic 9
4087Chromatic Undecamode 3rd Rotation
4087Chromatic Undecamode 9
4087Undecatonic Chromatic 9
4089Native American Flute Chromatic
4089Decatonic Chromatic Descending
4091Chromatic Undecamode 2nd Rotation
4091Chromatic Undecamode 10
4091Undecatonic Chromatic 10
4093Chromatic Undecamode 1st Rotation
4093Chromatic Undecamode 11
4093Undecatonic Chromatic Descending
4095Chromatic (harmonic) Descending
4095Chromatic (melodic) Descending
4095Twelve-tone Chromatic