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Scale Name Tradition: Western Modern

These scales are based on names from the old western modes, but sometimes have "Super" or "Ultra" or "Hyper" added, "Altered", "Diminished", "Half-Diminished", and other indications that the scale is slightly different from its diatonic namesake. Also includes names that have been derived from modern Western musical traditions, including Postmodern and Serialism.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

3Hemitone Prime
11Octatonic Trichord
19Hexatonic Trichord
21Wholetone Trichord
35Major Seventh Trichord
37Minor Seventh Trichord
67Viennese Trichord
83All-Interval Tetrachord 1
101All-Interval Tetrachord 3
139All-Interval Tetrachord 2
209All-Interval Tetrachord 4
331Locrian Pentatonic 1
333Diminished Locrian
395Phrygian Pentatonic
397Aeolian Pentatonic
407All-Trichord Hexachord
455Two-semitone Tritone Scale
619Hexatonic Double Phrygian
621Pyramid Hexatonic
653Dorian Pentatonic
675Altered Pentatonic
677Major Complement
681Minor Added Sixth Pentatonic
731Alternating Heptamode
819Augmented Inverse
819Six Tone Symmetrical
859Superlocrian Diminished
859Superlocrian Double-Flat
859Diminished Locrian
1113Locrian Pentatonic 2
1173Dominant Pentatonic
1189Suspended Pentatonic
1193Minor Pentatonic
1193Pentatonic Minor
1197Minor Hexatonic
1201Mixolydian Pentatonic
1211Ceiling Scale
1235Tritone Scale
1321Phrygian Pentatonic
1365Anhemitonic Hexatonic
1365Auxiliary Augmented
1367Leading Whole-Tone Inverse
1371Diminished Whole-tone
1389Minor Locrian
1389Half Diminished
1397Major Locrian
1449Phrygian Hexatonic
1451Major Inverse
1455Quartal Octamode
1459Phrygian Dominant
1459Harmonic Major Inverse
1461Melodic Major
1493Lydian Minor
1493Minor Lydian
1499Altered Dominant B
1625Hungarian Major No5
1701Mixolydian Hexatonic
1715Harmonic Minor Inverse
1741Altered Dorian
1749Lydian Dominant
1749Overtone Scale
1749Overtone Dominant
1755Dominant Diminished
1755Half-Whole Step Scale
2225Ionian Pentatonic
2257Lydian Pentatonic
2483Double Harmonic Major
2507Harsh Minor
2509Double Harmonic Minor
2517Harmonic Lydian
2523Mirage Scale
2709Lydian Hexatonic
2731Neapolitan Major
2731Major Meapolitan
2731Lydian Major
2739Major-Melodic Phrygian
2765Lydian Diminished
2777Aeolian Harmonic
2795Locrian Modified
2869Major Augmented
2901Lydian Augmented
2925Octatonic 2
2925Whole-Half Step Scale
2925Auxiliary Diminished
2997Altered Mixolydian
2999Diminishing Nonamode
3037Nine Tone Scale
3277Howaboot Scale
3351Crater Scale
3413Major Locrian
3575Symmetrical Decatonic
3837Minor Pentatonic With Leading Tones
4013Full Minor