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Scale Name Tradition: Carnatic

A system of music originating from southern India.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

145Raga Malasri
145Raga Malashri
145Raga Malashri 2
161Raga Sarvasri
173Raga Purnalalita
173Raga Purnanalita
181Raga Budhamanohari
193Raga Ongkari
199Raga Nabhomani
199Raga Nabhomani 2
245Raga Dipak
291Raga Lavangi
291Raga Gowleeswari
293Raga Haripriya
293Raga Haripriya 2
299Raga Chitthakarshini
301Raga Audav Tukhari
301Raga Audva Tukhari
307Raga Megharanjani
331Raga Chaya Todi
331Raga Chhaya Todi
337Raga Shilangi
395Raga Bhupala Todi
395Raga Bibhas (bhairava)
395Raga Ramkali
395Raga Bhupalam
395Raga Ramkali 2
403Raga Vibhas
403Raga Bowli Ascending
403Raga Reva
403Vibhas (Bhairava)
403Raga Revagupti
403Raga Vibhas Bhairava
405Raga Janasammodini
405Raga Bhupeshwari
419Raga Gunakri (gunakali)
419Raga Geyahejjajji
419Raga Gunakri
419Raga Gunkali
419Raga Latantapriya
419Raga Kannadabangala
419Raga Kunakri
419Raga Malahari Ascending
419Raga Salanganata
419Raga Saveri
419Raga Saveri Ascending
421Raga Shobhavari
421Raga Sutradhari
425Raga Kokil Pancham
427Raga Simantini
427Raga Suddha Simantini
429Raga Adi Bhairavi
433Raga Zilaf
435Raga Geyahejjajji
435Raga Kannadabangala
435Raga Malahari
435Raga Bangal Bhairav
435Raga Malahari Descending
435Raga Purna Pancama
451Raga Saugandhini
451Raga Yashranjani
451Raga Saugandhunu
459Raga Jaiwanti
461Raga Syamalam
467Raga Indupriya
467Raga Dhavalangam
529Raga Bilwadala
549Raga Bhavani 2
549Raga Bhavani
557Raga Abhogi
629Raga Ras Chandra
653Raga Sivaranjini
653Raga Shivranjani
659Raga Rasika Ranjani
659Raga Bibhas
659Raga Bibhas (marva)
659Raga Dhanya Dhaivat
659Raga Vibhas Marva
661Raga Bhup (bhopali)
661Raga Bilahari Ascending
661Raga Bilahari
661Raga Bhopali
661Raga Bhupali
661Raga Bhup
661Raag Deskar
661Jait Kalyan
661Raga Deskar
661Raga Jait Kalyan
661Raga Jat Kalyan
661Raga Kokila
661Raga Mohanam
663Raga Jait
665Raga Mohanangi
669Raga Lagan Gandhar
675Raga Manaranjani II
675Raga Manaranjani 2
677Raga Arabhi ascending
677Raga Yadukua Kambodhi Ascending
677Raga Arabhi
677Raga Durga
677Raga Devakriya
677Suddha Saveri
677Raga Suddha Saveri
677Raga Shree ascending
685Raga Gauri Velavali
685Raga Suddha Bangala
685Gauri Velavali
689Raga Nagasvaravali
689Raga Mand
689Raga Nagaswaravali
691Raga Kalavati
691Raga Ragamalini
693Raga Yadula Kambodi Descending
693Raga Devarangini
693Raga Devarangini 2
693Raga Kambhoji
693Raga Kambodhi Ascending
709Raga Shri Kalyan
711Raga Chandrajyoti
717Raga Vijayanagari
721Raga Dhavalashri
725Raga Aivarati
725Raga Airavati
725Raga Kalyani Keseri
725Raga Kalyani
725Raga Yamuna Kalyani
725Kalyani Keseri
741Raga Kumudvati
775Raga Putrika
807Raga Suddha Mukhari
845Raga Neelangi
851Raga Hejjajji
883Raga Bhankar
915Raga Kalagada
915Raga Kalgada
925Raga Dvigandharabushini
931Raga Kalakanthi 2
931Raga Kalakanthi
935Raga Kanakambari
939Raga Malini
939Raga Senagrani
941Raga Jhankara Bhramavi
945Raga Saravati (sharavati)
945Raga Saravati
945Raga Sharavati
947Raga Kalakanti
947Raga Kalakanthi
949Raga Keseri
953Raga Kalahamsa
971Raga Girvani
973Raga Shyamalam
973Raga Shyamalan
981Raga Kuntala
981Raga Srutiranjani
985Raga Santanamanjari
985Raga Sucaritra
1129Raga Jayakauns
1139Raga Udasi Bhairav
1155Raga Lavangi
1163Raga Rukmangi
1169Raga Antara Kaishiaki
1169Raga Mahathi
1169Antara Kaishiaki
1171Raga Manaranjani I
1171Raga Manaranjani
1187Raga Bairag
1187Raga Baira
1187Raga Bairagi
1187Raga Lasaki
1187Raga Vibhavari
1187Raga Vibhavari Revati
1187Raga Ribhavari
1187Raga Revati
1189Madhmat Sarang
1189Raga Madhmat Sarang
1189Raga Madhyamavati
1189Madhumad Sarang
1189Raga Megh
1189Madhmad Sarang
1193Raga Udhayaravi
1193Raga Abheri
1193Raga Dhani
1193Raga Dhaanyasi ascending
1193Raga Suddha Dhanyasi
1193Raga Udhayaravi Chandrika
1195Raga Gandharavam
1197Raga Nayaki
1197Raga Palasi
1197Raga Pushpalithika
1197Raga Manirangu
1197Suha Sughrai
1197Nayaki Kanada
1197Raga Suha Sughrai
1197Raga Raga Pushpalithika
1201Raga Savethri
1203Raga Gaula
1203Raga Gaula 2
1205Raga Andhali
1205Raga Vivardhini
1205Raga Siva Kambhoji
1209Raga Bhunumanjari
1209Raga Jog
1209Raga Bhanumanjari
1221Raga Devshri
1225Raga Madhukauns Pentatonic
1225Raga Samudhra Priya
1229Raga Gopikatilaka
1229Raga Sinharavam
1229Raga Simharava
1233Raga Amirkhani Kauns
1235Raga Indupriya
1255Raga Madhusurja
1257Raga Madhusurawali
1257Raga Nileshwari
1315Raga Gyankali
1321Raga Hindolam
1321Raga Malkauns
1321Raga Malakosh
1321Raga Hindola
1322Raga Malkauns
1323Raga Suddha Todi
1331Raga Vasantha
1331Raga Vasantabhairavi
1331Raga Lalit Bhairav
1331Raga Lalita Bhairav
1331Raga Vasantha (bhairavi)
1333Raga Imratkauns
1337Raga Madhurkauns
1353Raga Harikauns
1355Raga Bhavani 2
1355Raga Gurjari Todi
1355Raga Bhavani
1365Raga Gopriya
1365Raga Sahera
1371Raga Faridi Todi
1387Raga Meladalan
1417Raga Varini
1417Raga Shailaja
1419Raga Kashyapi
1421Raga Trimurti
1422Raga Suha Kanada
1427Raga Kalagada
1443Raga Phenadyuti
1443Raga Phenadyuti 2
1445Raga Navamanohari
1447Raga Phenadyuti
1449Raga Desya Todi
1449Raga Gopikacasantam
1449Raga Gopikavasantam
1451Raga Bllashkhani Todi
1451Raga Bilashkhani
1451Raga Dhanyasi descending
1451Raga Ghanta
1451Raga Asavari
1451Raga Asaveri
1453Raga Adana
1453Raga Asavari That
1453Raga Bhairavi Descending
1453Raga Jingla
1453Raga Jaunpuri
1455Raga Gandhari
1457Raga Kamalamanohari 2
1457Raga Gangeshwari
1457Raga Kamalamanohari
1459Raga Vativasanta
1459Raga Ahiri
1459Raga Jogiya
1459Raga Vativasanta (bhairavi)
1461Raga Tarangini
1461Raga Charukeshi
1463Raga Hijaj Bhairav
1465Raga Cudamani
1469Raga Gunji Kanada
1471Raga Abheri Todi
1477Raga Jaganmohanam
1483Raga Bhavani
1483Raga Kalamurti
1483Raga Bhāvani
1485Raga Chinthamani
1485Raga Chinthamani 2
1485Raga Simmendramadhyamam
1485Raga Camara
1489Raga Jyoty
1489Raga Jyoti
1491Raga Pratapa
1491Raga Purvi Thaat
1491Raga Narmada
1493Raga Rishabapriya
1493Raga Ratipriya
1497Raga Jotismatti
1497Raga Jotismatt!
1515Raga Bhairavi
1573Raga Guhamanohari
1577Raga Varamu
1577Raga Chandrakauns
1577Raga Chandrakauns Kafi
1577Raga Audav Bageshri
1577Raga Surya
1579Raga Parameshwari
1581Raga Begeshri 2
1581Raga Bageshri 2
1581Raga Bageshri
1581Raga Bagesri
1581Raga Jayamanohari
1581Raga Kapijingla
1581Raga Kapijangla
1581Raga Sriranjani
1581Raga Shreeranjani
1581Raga Shee Ranjani
1585Raga Khamaji Durga
1587Raga Rudra Pancama
1589Raga Rageshri 2
1589Raga Rageshri
1589Raga Rageshwari
1589Raga Nattaikurinji
1589Raga Rageshri 2 (rageshwari)
1589Raga Regeshri
1593Raga Jogeshwari
1597Raga Ravikosh
1605Raga Shubravarni
1621Raga Barbara
1643Raga Laliteshwari
1651Raga Ahira Lalita
1651Raga Ahira-lalita
1651Raga Ahira-Lalita
1669Raga Matha Kokila
1669Raga Matkokil
1673Raga Lilavati
1675Raga Salagavarali
1677Raga Manavi
1677Raga Kolhaas
1681Raga Kalawati
1681Raga Valaji
1683Raga Malayamarutam
1685Raga Janasamohini
1693Raga Milan Gandhar
1697Raga Kuntalavarali
1697Raga Kuntvarali
1699Raga Rasavali
1701Raga Andolika
1701Raga Devamanohari
1701Raga Gorakh Kalyan
1701Raga Gorakh
1701Raga Darbar
1701Raga Narayani
1701Raga Suposhini
1703Raga Bhanumati
1705Raga Manohari
1705Raga Malavastri
1705Raga Jayant
1707Raga Ahiri Todi
1707Raga Natabharanam
1709Raga Balahamsa.
1709Raga Begeshri
1709Raga Harini
1709Raga Bhairavi Ascending
1709Raga Bhimpalasi
1709Raga Huseni
1709Raga Janjuti
1709Raga Kafi That
1709Raga Kambodhi Descending
1709Raga Kanara
1709Raga Khamaj That
1709Raga Khambhavati
1709Raga Kharapriva
1709Raga Nayaki Kanada
1709Raga Bageshri
1709Nayaki Kanada
1709Raga Sriraga
1709Raga Ritigaula
1709Raga Shree descending
1709Raga Sri
1709Raga Surati
1713Raga Vegavahini Ascending
1713Raga Bahudari
1713Raga Baduhari
1713Raga Desya Khamas
1713Raga Khamas
1715Raga Vagedeeshwari
1715Raga Vegavahini Descending
1715Raga Bindumalini
1715Raga Chakravakam
1715Raga Ahir Bhairav
1715Raga Vegavahini
1717Raga Janjhuti
1717Raga Khambhavati
1717Raga Surati
1717Raga Harini
1717Raga Balahamsa
1721Raga Chayanata
1721Raga Ganavaridhi
1721Raga Nandkauns
1721Raga Bhogachayanata
1725Raga Zila
1725Raga Bheem
1725Raga Zilla
1733Raga Kameshwari
1733Raga Sarasvati
1735Raga Nabhomani
1737Raga Madhukauns Hexatonic
1737Raga Madhakauns
1737Raga Madhukauns
1739Raga Tivravahini
1739Raga Sthavarajam
1741Raga Desisimharavam
1741Raga Disisimharavam
1745Raga Vutari
1747Raga Basant Bahar
1747Raga Nasikabhusani
1747Raga Ramamahohari
1749Raga Bhusavati
1749Raga Bhusavali
1753Raga Nasamani
1753Nasika Bhushani
1777Raga Hindol Bahar
1781Raga Nandavati
1849Raga Amrut Ranjani
1849Raga Dvigandharabushini
1891Raga Kalakanti
1963Raga Suha Todi
1965Raga Anandabhairavi
1965Raga Deshi
1965Raga Mukhari
1965Raga Manji
1967Raga Amiri Todi
1971Raga Virat Bhairav
1977Raga Hafiz Kauns
1979Raga Ahi Mohini
1981Raga Lachari Todi
1983Raga Lakshmi Todi
1997Raga Chinthamani
1997Raga Cintamani
2031Raga Gambhir Basant
2099Raga Megharamji
2099Raga Megharanji
2117Raga Sumukam
2129Raga Nigamagamini
2133Raga Kumudki
2133Raga Kumurdaki
2189Raga Hamsadhvani
2197Raga Hamsadhvani
2197Raga Hansadhvani
2197Raga Hamsadhvani 2
2197Raga Hansdhwani
2197Raga Haunsadhwani
2211Raga Gowla Ascending
2211Raga Gauri
2213Raga Desh
2217Raga Nata
2217Raga Madhuranjani
2217Raga Nattai Descending
2217Raga Udayaravicandrika
2221Raga Madhuranjani
2221Raga Sindhura Kafi
2225Raga Nalinakanti
2225Raga Jaganmohini ascending
2225Raga Kedaram Ascending
2225Raga Keradam Ascending
2225Raga Gambhiranata
2227Raga Gowla Descending
2227Raga Gaula
2229Raga Vilasini
2229Raga Kedaram
2229Raga Kedaram Descending
2229Raga Nalinakanti
2245Raga Vaijayanti
2245Raga Hamsanada
2247Raga Vijayasri
2249Raga Multani
2249Raga Multani 2
2251Raga Shreevanti
2253Raga Amarasenapriya
2257Raga Amrtavarshini
2257Raga Amritavarshini
2257Raga Malashri
2257Raga Shilangi
2259Raga Mandari
2259Raga Gamakakriya
2259Raga Hamsanarayani
2259Raga Hamsanarayami
2261Raga Caturangini
2261Raga Chaturangini
2261Raga Chaturangini 2
2261Raga Ratnakanthi
2265Raga Rasamanjari
2265Raga Rasamanjari 2
2291Raga Pushp Ranjani
2301Raga Viranch Mukhi
2311Raga Kumarapriya
2339Raga Kshanika
2341Raga Priyadharshini
2341Raga Chandraprabha
2345Raga Chandrakauns Kiravani
2345Raga Chand. Kiravani
2345Raga Chandrakauns
2347Raga Viyogavarali
2349Raga Ghantana
2349Raga Kaishikiranjani
2349Raga Kaushiranjani
2353Raga Girija
2355Raga Hamsanandi
2355Raga Lalita
2355Raga Hamsanandi 2
2355Raga Lalita 2
2355Raga Sohini
2357Raga Sarasanana
2379Raga Gurjari Todi
2379Raga Gujari Todi
2387Raga Din Ki Puriya
2417Raga Gangatarangini
2419Raga Lalit
2419Raga Lalita
2419Raga Suddha Pancama
2435Raga Deshgaur
2451Raga Bowli Descneding
2451Raga Bauli
2453Raga Latika
2457Raga Devamani
2465Raga Devaranjani 2 (devaranji)
2465Raga Devaranjani
2465Raga Devaranji
2467Raga Padi
2469Raga Bhinna Pancama
2471Raga Ganasamavarali
2473Raga Takka
2475Raga Dhunibinnashadjam
2475Raga Bhinnasadjam
2477Raga Deshi
2477Raga Deshi 3
2477Raga Kalyana
2477Raga Kirvani
2477Raga Kalyana Vasantha
2477Raga Kiranavali
2477Raga Pilu That
2477Raga Vasantha
2481Raga Kamalamanohari
2481Raga Ramamanohari
2481Raga Ramamanohari 2
2481Raga Simhavahini
2481Raga Sindhu Ramakriya
2481Raga Paras Ascending
2481Raga Pharas Ascending
2481Raga Paraju Ascending
2481Raga Paraju
2481Raga Paraz
2481Raga Pharas
2483Raga Bhairav That
2483Raga Gaulipantu
2483Raga Kalingada
2483Raga Lalita Panchami
2483Raga Paras Descending
2483Raga Pharas Descending
2483Raga Paraju Descending
2483Raga Paraj
2483Raga Saveri Descending
2485Raga Anand Leela
2485Raga Haripriva
2485Raga Haripriya
2489Raga Gangatarangini
2491Raga Devata Bhairav
2499Raga Chandra Kalyan
2503Raga Jinavali
2503Raga Varali
2507Raga Gamakasamantam
2507Raga Annapurna
2507Raga Multani
2509Raga Madhava Manohari
2515Raga Shri
2515Puriya Dhanashri
2515Raga Basant
2515Raga Dhipaka
2515Raga Kasiramakriya
2515Raga Kasiramakryia
2515Raga Pantuvarali
2515Raga Puriya Dhanashri
2515Raga Suddha Ramakriya
2515Raga Purvi
2517Raga Gitapriya
2517Raga Hamsalata
2521Raga Dhauta Pancama
2521Raga Devarashtra
2547Raga Ramkali
2547Raga Ramakri
2547Raga Basant Pancham
2547Raga Ramkali (ramakri)
2551Raga Maru
2581Raga Neroshta
2597Raga Rasranjani
2601Raga Chandrakauns Modern
2601Marga Hindolam
2601Raga Marga Hindola
2601Raga Rajeshwari
2601Raga Chandrakauns
2601Raga Reejeshwari
2609Raga Vasanta
2609Raga Bhinna Shadj
2609Raga Bhinna Shadja
2609Raga Hindolita
2609Raga Kaushikdhvani
2611Raga Vasantha
2611Raga Chaya Vati
2611Raga Vasanta
2611Raga Vasantha 2
2613Raga Hamsa Vinodini
2613Raga Hamsa VInodini
2613Raga Hansa Vinodini
2613Raga Sohni
2629Raga Shubravarni
2637Raga Ranjani
2637Raga Rangini
2637Raga Ranjiani
2641Raga Hindol
2641Raga Sanjh Ka Hindol
2641Raga Sanjk Ka Hindol
2641Raga Sunada Vinodini
2643Raga Puriya
2643Raga Hamsanandi
2643Raga Pancama
2643Raga Puriya 2
2643Raga Marva
2645Raga Mruganandana
2645Raga Mrunganandana
2675Raga Bhankar
2675Raga Lalit
2679Raga Lalitavari
2705Raga Mamata
2707Raga Malin
2709Raga Kamud
2709Raga Kumud
2709Raga Sankara (shankara)
2709Raga Prabhati
2709Raga Sankara
2709Raga Shankara
2721Raga Puruhutika
2721Raga Purvaholika
2721Raga Purvaholica
2723Raga Jivantika
2725Raga Nagagandhari
2725Raga Chandrika
2727Raga Manoranjani
2731Raga Kokilaravam
2733Raga Kedar Bahar
2733Raga Velavali
2733Raga Deshi
2733Raga Deshi 2
2733Raga Patdip
2737Raga Hari Nata
2739Raga Bhairubahar
2739Raga Supradhipam
2739Raga Sowrashtram
2741Raga Arabhi descending
2741Raga Bilahari Descending
2741Raga Bilaval That
2741Raga Shankarabharanam
2741Raga Atana
2743Raga Asa Bhairav
2745Raga Saildesakshi
2745Raga Sailadesakshi
2745Raga Trishuli
2749Raga Haunskinkini
2757Raga Nishadi
2759Raga Kunbhini
2759Raga Kumbhini
2763Raga Sauviram
2765Raga Ambika
2765Raga Dumyaraga
2765Raga Madhuvanti
2765Raga Arunajualita
2771Raga Bairari
2771Raga Puriya
2771Raga Puriya Kalyan
2771Raga Marwa Thaat
2771Raga Sohani
2771Raga Partivaran
2771Raga Purvikalyani
2771Raga Partiravam
2773Raga Shuddh Kalyan
2773Raga Kalyan That
2773Raga Chandrakant
2777Raga Kusumakaram
2777Raga Kuksumakaram
2779Raga Marg Hindol
2789Raga Chandni Kedar
2803Raga Bhatiyar
2803Raga Bhankar
2805Raga Chayanat
2805Raga Yaman Kalyan
2805Gaud Sarang
2805Raga Bihag
2805Raga Chaya Nat
2805Raga Gaud Sarang
2805Raga Hamir Kalyani
2805Raga Kedar
2807Raga Kamod
2995Raga Saurashtra
2999Raga Tilak Bhairav
3027Raga Dhavalshree
3059Raga Lalit Mangal
3061Raga Nat Kedar
3063Raga Basanti Kedar
3213Raga Kohal
3237Raga Brindabani
3237Raga Brindabani Serang
3237Raga Megh
3237Raga Megh Malhar
3237Raga Brindabani Sarang
3237Megh Malhar
3239Raga Tanukirti
3241Raga Hemshri
3245Raga Viravasantham
3245Raga Daulati
3249Raga Brindabani Tilang
3249Raga Savitri
3249Raga Tilang
3251Raga Jeyasuddhamalavi
3253Raga Nagabharanam
3253Raga Badhans Sarang
3253Raga Samanta
3257Raga None
3257Raga Dogaha
3257Raga Madhuranjani
3257Raga Nata
3257Raga Nattai Ascending
3261Raga Lachari Kanada
3269Raga Malarani
3271Raga Ravikriya
3271Raga Ghandarva
3273Raga Jivantini
3273Raga Gaurikriya
3275Raga Vamsavathi
3277Raga Nisada
3277Raga Kaikavasi
3277Raga Kaihavasi
3281Raga Vijayavasanta
3283Raga Vamsavathi
3285Raga Chaturangini
3289Raga Rasamanjari
3289Raga Hamsagiri
3301Raga Loom Sarang
3303Raga Jinavali
3369Raga Malkauns
3369Raga Tulsikauns
3385Raga Ek Prakar Ki Kauns
3470Raga Suha Kanada
3501Raga Suha
3501Raga Suha Kanada
3507Raga Kabir Bhairav
3513Raga Jogkauns
3515Raga Bhavmat Bhairav
3517Raga Chandranandan
3519Raga Sindhi-bhairavi
3519Raga Sindi Bhairavi
3519Raga Sindhi-Bhairavi
3563Raga Khat Todi
3571Raga Lalitkali
3575Raga Gaurimanjari
3633Raga Madhuradhwani
3637Raga Ragesri
3637Raga Rageshri
3665Raga Saanjh Ki Hindol
3737Raga Homshikha
3745Raga Kantal Varari
3749Raga Sorati
3749Raga Sur Malhar
3757Raga Bahar
3757Raga Mian Ki Malhar
3757Raga Miam Ki Malhar
3757Raga Sindhura
3761Raga Madhuri
3761Raga Khamach
3763Raga Araj
3765Raga Alhaiya Bilaval
3765Raga Khamaj
3765Raga Bihagara
3765Raga Desh Malhar
3765Raga Devagandhari
3767Raga Bhairav Bahar
3771Raga Bihad Bhairav
3773Raga Malgunji
3773Raga Ramdasi Malhar
3773Raga Ramdasi Malharq
3773Raga Gara
3789Raga Tanseni Madhuvanti
3795Raga Monomanjari
3797Raga Shankara Karan
3813Raga Shyam Kedar
3819Raga Niranjani Todi
3821Raga Rang Malhar
3825Raga Chandni Bihag
3827Raga Basanti Kanada
3829Raga Chayanat
4013Raga Pilu
4013Raga Jungala
4019Raga Kabiri Bhairav
4021Raga Pahadi
4023Raga Kaushi Bhairav
4091Raga Paraj Bahar
4095Raga Patmanjari