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Scale Name Tradition: Ancient Greek

Names that come from ancient Greek, you know from Ptolemy and Pythagoras and folks like that.

Hey. These tradition pages are a big mess right now. If you look below you will see lots of chaos and duplication and misspellings. I'm working on a new organization scheme for scale names; when that's ready it will all look way better and everything will be accurate.

TL;DR Please ignore this page. Or, peruse it at your own peril.

165Genus Primum
1185Genus Primum Inverse
1387Greek Mixolydian
1387Greek Hyperdorian
1387Greek Medieval Hyperaeolian
1451Greek Dorian
1451Greek Medieval Hypoaeolian
1453Greek Medieval Hypodorian
1453Greek Hypodorian
1453Greek Medieval Aeolian
1453Greek Hyperphrygian
1709Greek Phrygian
1717Greek Hyperlydian
1717Greek Hypophrygian
1717Greek Ionian
1717Greek Iastian
1717Greek Medieval Hypoionian
2457Genus Tertium
2737Genus Secundum
2741Greek Lydian
2773Greek Hypolydian
2773Greek Medieval Hypolocrian
2805Genus Diatonicum Veterum Correctum
3765Genus Diatonicum