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Scale 2741: "Major"

Also known as: Ionian, Greek Lydian, Medieval Ionian, Medieval Hypolydian, Major, Bilaval That, Bilaval Theta, Mela Shankarabharanam, Mela Dhirasankarabharana, Raga Atana, Ghana Heptatonic, Peruvian Major, Matzore, Rast ascending, 4th plagal Byzantine, Ararai, Makam Cargah, Ajam Ashiran, Dastgah-e Mahur, Dastgah-e Rast Panjgah, Xin, DS2


i = imperfections

Tones7 (heptatonic)
Pitch Class Set{0,2,4,5,7,9,11}
Forte Number7-35
Rotational Symmetrynone
Interval Spectrump6m3n4s5d2t
Hemitonia2 (dihemitonic)
Cohemitonia0 (ancohemitonic)
prime: 1387
Deep Scaleyes
Distribution Spectra<1> = {1,2}
<2> = {3,4}
<3> = {5,6}
<4> = {6,7}
<5> = {8,9}
<6> = {10,11}
Spectra Variation0.857
Myhill Propertyyes

Harmonic Chords


Modes are the rotational transformation of this scale. Scale 2741 can be rotated to make 6 other scales.

Scale 1709Dorian
Scale 1451Phrygian
Scale 2773Lydian
Scale 1717Mixolydian
Scale 1453Aeolian
Scale 1387Locrian


The prime form of this scale is Scale 1387

Scale 1387Locrian


The heptatonic modal family [2741, 1709, 1451, 2773, 1717, 1453, 1387] is the negative of the pentatonic modal family [661, 677, 1189, 1193, 1321, 1354]


The inverse of a scale is a reflection using the root as its axis. The inverse of 2741 is 1451 

Scale 1451Phrygian

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This scale analysis was created by Ian Ring, Canadian Composer of works for Piano, and total music theory nerd. The software used to generate this analysis is an open source project at GitHub. Scale notation generated by VexFlow, and MIDI playback by MIDI.js